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Vinyl Lock Flooring


clickVinyl lock flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular flooring options. With an array of finishes and quick installation, vinyl lock may provide just the solution you’re looking for.


We now carry Fusion Hybrid Vinyl lock Flooring.

Fusion™ hybrid floors are a new addition to our flooring selection. This ingenious flooring is made of an extruded, high density core made of recycled wood, bamboo flour, virgin vinyl and limestone.

It’s the future of vinyl plank flooring and available in several realistic and natural-looking wood styles.


Fusion™ flooring is easy to install with the ‘drop and lock’ system, allowing the floor to be walked on immediately. Its high density structure offers dimensional stability, preventing the floor from expansion or contraction, unlike hardwood floors. One of the key benefits of Fusion™ Hybrid Flooring is its waterproof qualities and sound-dampening features.

Fusion™ is an ideal choice for high moisture and high traffic areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

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